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Whether you have a complicated condition such as macular degeneration, diabetes, autoimmune disease, Parkinson’s or chronic migraines to name a few. XRMD is the personalized program to achieve or maintain your overall health and well being. With genetic testing, we can treat complicated diseases or disorders using food and nutrition as a ¬†medicine. In the past, it was common belief that certain foods and supplements were “good” for you. But with the advances in science we now know that may not be the case. Imagine having taken a particular supplement such as a B-12 capsule for many years only to find out that your body doesn’t process the capsule correctly. That by changing from a pill form into a liquid form that you could change your overall health.



Atkins, low carb, high protein diets. The list is endless. The answer may lie in how your body processes certain foods. Science has changed the way we look at the foods we eat, health conditions that we have, and the way we receive medical care. This and many other ways we are providing the “Personal Side of Leading Edge Eye Care”

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