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The Eye Clinic “Innovative Eyecare” is located at 823 6th Ave S.E. Decatur, AL 35601. Dr. Chris Teichmiller has been practicing optometry for over 25 years. The rich history behind the practice is part of the family atmosphere that is fostered at Innovative. Dr. Chris Teichmiller began practicing in 1990 after graduating from the University of Alabama school of Optometry. He practiced with Dr. Thomas Cook Bingham, who served the Decatur community for 46 years practicing optometry. Dr. Bingham was president of the Alabama Optometric Association, a member of the American Optometric Association and voted into the American Academy of Optometry. Dr. Bingham passed away at the age of 88 and was an active member of the Decatur community.
The staff is fully trained and credentialed in their respective fields, and it is not uncommon to lend a helping hand to patients, one another, and the Decatur Community. Every member of the current staff has been there for at least two years with the office manager “Mary Allen” having been providing services for 12 years. While there is a rich history and tradition that thrives at Innovative, true to the name we strive continually to be students of the human body and we utilize the most up to date technology to provide innovative solutions to an innovative world. Don’t miss the services section to see how we use genetic testing to provide a personalized plan for improvement of overall health issues regardless if multiple doctors have not been able to find a solution. And even those that are in perfect health can learn how to maintain perfect health. The xRmd service is one of the many ways we are on the cutting edge.
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